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Operation Aibiš

The theme of Operation Aibiš, Josef Kainar’s contemporary agitational play directed by Alfréd Radok, was the manipulation of public opinion through visual news reporting. This theme literally called for how it should be portrayed – through the use of film screening. Both Svoboda’s designs and photographs of the performances provide clear evidence of the strong influence of the interwar avantgarde, Bauhaus, and the Theatregraph of Miroslav Kouřil and E. F. Burian. Svoboda and Radok fully developed these staging practices in the subsequent commission they completed for the Ministry of Culture and Education as a part of Czechoslovakia’s representative programme at the international Expo 58 in Brussels. 

The Theatre of Satire Prague
premiere: 15. 11. 1946
director: Alfréd Radok  
costume designer: Vladimír Doležal

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