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Henning Brockhaus invited Svoboda to the Schauspielhaus in Zurich to work on the staging of Goethe’s Clavigo. Photographs from the production show beautiful spaces designed with classical restraint. The stage relief consisted of an arrangement of walls – projection screens. The magical interiors were created using compositions of architectural segments that were part real and part dream, distorted by shifting the perspective on the slide and selecting the angle from which they were projected. Macrodetails and whole images intermingle – next to a row of pillars there is the large detail of a young woman’s face. All of the sets were rendered in bluish-green hues, ranging from very dark to whitish shades. The spatially projected collage was dimly reflected on the shiny surface of the floor.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe: CLAVIGO
Schauspielhaus Zürich
premiere: 28. 1. 1993
director: Henning Brockhaus
costume designer: William Orlando

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