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Nonstoprevue in 24 Scenes

This part of the Czechoslovak representative programme at the international Expo 58 in Brussels came to be commonly referred to as Laterna Magika and gave rise to a phenomenon known worldwide. Although the concept applied by Svoboda and Radok for this programme was based on an original theatre performance, it was clear that film must remain film and the stage a stage. Svoboda was given the opportunity – and sufficient financial means – to realise his dream of scenography built on many film and slide projection surfaces. A key solution came in the form of a “trilingual” mistress of ceremonies: the actress on the stage spoke French, while her partners were copies on film screens on the sides – one speaking English and the other German – but they all behaved naturally, as if they were sharing the stage at the same moment. The final films and later add-ons were projected on a wide-angle screen at the back of the stage, on two tall revolving turnstiles, and on special projection surfaces that slid up from the floor trap.

EXPO 58 Brussels
premiere: 26. 5. 1958
supervisor: Alfréd Radok
screenplay: Miloš Forman
directors: Vladimír Svitáček and Ján Roháč
costume designer: Erna Veselá  
film director: Jan Novák

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