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Faust – Fragments

Svoboda collaborated with the famous Italian director Giorgio Strehler on a two-part production of the long and difficult Goethe’s Faust at the Piccolo Theatre in Milan. The connected acting space of the stage and the auditorium were dominated at ceiling level by an enormous cloth spiral made of Japanese silk – it was basically an ordinary, rolled up theatre valance – a theatrical symbol that fulfilled Svoboda’s concept of the universe. The spiral could metamorphose. Projectors were concealed in it, and it also served as a projection surface. The floor, which in and of itself was a stage design component, connected the stage with the auditorium. It could undulate, tilt, or break as required. Between the floor and the galaxy the audience sat in the surrounding boxes, and the acting took place in the space between them.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe: FAUST – FRAGMENTS I / II
Piccolo Teatro Milano
premiere: 18. 3.1989 and 4. 1991
director: Giorgio Strehler   
costume designer: Luisa Spinatelli

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