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Towards the end of 1996, Otomar Krejča was offered the opportunity to stage Goethe’s Faust at the National Theatre. The central scenographic object for this production was a 15-metre wide circle made of mirror foil, which was suspended on a metal construction and tilted towards the auditorium at a 45 degree angle. The mirror was aimed at the stage turntable which was equipped with a large trap that could be opened, thus creating a parallel stage. The floor panel was replaced by a metal grate with a high load-bearing capacity and a slight sag, so that the actors walked with a slightly swinging gait. Drops stacked one atop another and were situated in the lower stage space, and they were interspersed with white surfaces onto which images could be front projected from the proscenium.  When the white cloth was stripped away, there was an image below it that was reflected in the mirror. The confrontation of actors on the stage with their reflections – phantoms floating high above the stage – came across as an apparition.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe: FAUST
The National Theatre Prague
premiere: 12. 9. 1997
director: Otomar Krejča
costume designer: Jan Skalický

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