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The staging of Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Théâtre National de Belgique in Brussels was Krejča’s second directing engagement abroad. The monumental architectural space was defined by a structure made of cube-shaped segments. The moulded mass of the stage bas-relief emerged from the right-angled shapes, coming closer or receding into the distance, and the individual segments opened and unexpectedly disappeared in reaction to individual lines of dialogue and situations.  The mobile construction evoked a feeling of treachery and “one’s uncertainty in the world”. The labyrinth was enhanced by the use of a mirror installed above the rear section of the stage and tilted at a 45 degree angle towards the auditorium. It replicated the stage construction and revealed that which was meant to remain secret. Because of the compact nature of this structure, it can be considered a “kinetic sculpture” that filled the entire stage space.

William Shakespeare: HAMLET
Théâtre National de Belgique Bruxelles
premiere: 21.1. 1965
director: Otomar Krejča
costume designer: Denis Martin

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