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Their Day

The principle of the “laterna magika” and the multi-screen “polyekran” projection system Emil Radok used for his programme at Expo 58 became additional elements that Svoboda incorporated in his “scenographic alphabet”. Svoboda first applied this principle during Krejča’s staging of Josef Topol’s Their Day. Svoboda replaced the stable polyekran screens with surfaces that emerged and disappeared in various ways in direct association with the rhythm of three specially modified stage carts. Each of the nine projection surfaces was equipped with either slide projectors or synchronised film projectors. This complex machinery defined the kinetic space – the emergence, disappearance, reduction in size, and recording of surfaces – inseparably in relation to the acting.

Josef Topol
The National Theatre Prague
premiere: 4. 10. 1959
director: Otomar Krejča
costume designer: Jan Kropáček

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