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The Entertainer

The staging of British playwright John Osborne’s The Entertainer was another collaborative effort by the Radok and Svoboda team. Yet another play “from life”, the design consisted of an exterior set against two alternating interiors. A misty London street, including three tram tracks, was built on the straight, bare, and illusively bottomless stage. The interiors were represented by three walls and furniture: the middle wall slid backwards as required and the other two to their respective sides – they were decorated with the trophies evidencing the success of the retired entertainer Billy Rice. The music hall environment permeated the entire space through shiny cabaret curtains suspended from trolleys. This was in direct contrast to the old, scuffed furniture, which accurately symbolised the disintegration of a family. Svoboda’s stage design thus existed in perfect symbiosis with Radok’s script.

The National Theatre Prague
premiere: 20. 12. 1957
director: Alfréd Radok
costume designer: Jindřiška Hirschová

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