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The largest project in the Laterna Magika’s history was Odysseus, inspired by Homer’s epic. The script was the collaborative effort of a director, a cinematographer, a stage designer, and a musician, specifically  Evald Schorm, Jaroslav Kučera, Jindřich Smetana, and Michael Kocáb. The aim of the project was to use Laterna Magika approaches on a large scale and on the broad stage of the Prague Palace of Culture, which offered the same sort of possibilities as the large cultural halls where Laterna Magika made guest appearances abroad. Svoboda’s basic scenographic concept had the grandeur of his opera stage designs, but there was the lack of a clear and firm dramatic and musical structure in the way it was realised. The dominant aspect of the production was thus the scenography – its core consisted of a “cavetto”, a bent blank sheet of paper, and a mobile platform. By seizing the possibilities of a new lyricism, the play’s interpreters broke away from the Ancient Greek original and focused on the visual effect.

Laterna magika in Prague Congress Centre
premiere: 10. 9. 1987
screenplay: Evald Schorm, Jaroslav Kučera, Jindřich Smetana and Michael Kocáb
director: Evald Schorm and Jaroslav Kučera
film director: Jindřich Smetana
director of photography: Jaroslav Kučera
costume designer: Šárka Hejnová

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