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Oedipus Rex

The stage design for Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, directed by Miroslav Macháček, consisted of a monumental staircase spanning the entire width of the stage and rising from the orchestra pit into the second plane of the stage: fatum made tangible – a symbol of the irreversibility of fate. There were only a few platforms situated on the staircase for mise-en-scène purposes and entrances from the side. The dynamics of this architecture were fully managed by the actors – figures in constant motion upwards, downwards, and falling. In this production, Oedipus, who lost his battle with fate, moved slowly upwards (for a full three minutes!) – hunched over, exhausted, and abandoned by all – until he reached the top of the staircase where he disappeared in a cloud of light.

The National Theatre Prague
premiere: 10. 1. 1963
director: Miroslav Macháček
costume designer: Ester Krumbachová

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