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The Trap – Graffiti

Svoboda’s last two projects for Laterna Magika – The Trap and Graffiti – included new scenographic resources, which visually defined a new virtual space. The complex geometry of the surfaces and semi-transparent mirrors, and projections that were both direct and mirrored, created the illusion of a compact space through which the dancers freely passed – because in actuality, they were moving in an empty space and had to navigate solely according to the music and unobtrusive marks on the stage floor.

Laterna magika Prague
premiere: 17. 9. 1999
director: Josef Svoboda  
costume designer: Šárka Hejnová
film director: Antonín Weiser

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Laterna magika Prague
premiere: 27. 2. 2002
screenplay and director: Ondřej Anděra and Petr Kout
costume designer: Roman Šolc 

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