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The Autumn Garden

Lillian Hellman’s text The Autumn Garden is a Chekhovian play about people who pretend they lead a normal life. Svoboda’s stage design and the way it was implemented are an example of the way in which Alfréd Radok approached a realistic interior – this time, it was not through the disproportionality between individual segments, but rather the oversizing of the entire, fully constructed interior of the parlour and adjoining terrace. In the case of this scenography, a key role was played by colour, or more precisely, the lack of it: the mousy grey of the stage constructions, furniture, and props created the background for Erna Veselá’s flamboyantly colourful costumes, which Svoboda organically incorporated in his designs.

The National Theatre Prague
premiere: 28. 6. 1957
director: Alfréd Radok
costume designer: Erna Veselá

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