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August Sunday

The production of František Hrubín’s new play, August Sunday, was directed by Otomar Krejča, another important figure of Czech theatre. The main aim of Krejča’s concept for the National Theatre was to introduce the work of modern-day Czech authors, which would resonate with the feelings of contemporary society, and, at the same time, to find an adequate directorial and scenographic solution for them. The main motif of Hrubín’s play and also its “hero” was the mood of one day on the banks of a South Bohemian lake – the creation of a variable atmosphere though the scenography became the key feature of the staging. Svoboda worked with large format projection surfaces as the main space-forming element. The final implementation exceeded all expectations: two projection surfaces created a wedge-shaped space with the open end facing the audience. It was an entirely new space both creatively and structurally: it had endless depth, did not limit the actors in their movement, and, at the same time was absolutely artificial – substantially theatrical.

František Hrubín
The National Theatre Prague
premiere: 25. 4. 1958
director: Otomar Krejča
costume designer: Jindřiška Hirschová

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